......LATEST NEWS...... back to top Home NEWS Winter Summer Links Resources Archive About Contact Galleries MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT I am standing down from the President's post and will be happy to help out with the events during the summer and winter talks as a committee member.  Some interesting discussion points have been proposed and the 'buddying system' of sharing responsibilities would be beneficial. It would also be important to specify that the President's post would be for a limited time period of a maximum of 2 years.  To all members: if you are interested in joining the committee and supporting some of the events, co-ordinating the Zooms or running an Instagram account it would be most helpful.  If we got anyone who would be interested then we could see if they what they would be willing to offer.  Continuing to run the committee meetings using Zoom would be important as it saves time and money for the committee members. Karen Parks COMMITTEE On 4th April at the AGM we’ll be electing a new Committee to take office on 1 October 2023.  Proposals for the post of President will be particularly welcome! If you’re interested in joining the committee or have a proposal please send an email to the Secretary:  belfastgeologists@live.co.uk The posts are: President Vice President(s) Secretary Treasurer Archivist Meetings Secretary Excursions Secretary Ordinary members of Committee