BELFAST GEOLOGISTS’ SOCIETY was founded in 1954 and is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Our aim is to encourage amateurs to take an interest in the science of geology as an educational and enjoyable out-door hobby.  Currently we have nearly 100 members.  Most are amateurs but we do have quite a few professionals as well. Each winter we organise lectures on current geological research.  These are usually held in the Ulster Museum, Belfast, on the third Monday of each month from October to April. We also have field trips starting in April and ending in September.  The majority of these are one-day outings to places within driving distance of Belfast.  The north of Ireland is one of the most geologically varied areas in Europe with many classic teaching areas.  We also occasionally have longer trips to localities in Ireland or in Great Britain, lasting two or three days, If you’d like to find out about us why not come along to one of our lectures or trips?  We pride ourselves on being a friendly society with a relaxed atmosphere and visitors are always welcome - there’s no need to join if you just want to “dip a toe in the water”.  But we guarantee you’ll be hooked! If you’re coming on an all-day trip, be sure to bring a packed lunch, strong footwear and - this being Ireland - waterproof clothing. GDPR Home NEWS Winter Summer Links Resources Archive About Contact Galleries