About us Summer prog. Winter prog. Contact us Useful links Home Archive 2000 Million Years of Irish GEOLOGY Belfast Geologists’ Society  Saturday 14th September 2019 Methodist College Belfast  10.00am - 5.00pm PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME Introduction from Marie Cowan Director of GSNI Oldest Ireland -Steve Daly A Plate Tectonic- History of Ireland- David Chew Structural Ireland - Prof Walsh Irish Granite Magmatism- Ian Meighan and Donny Hutton Carboniferous Ireland – John Murray Mesozoic Ireland- Mike Simms Basaltic Ireland -Paul Lyle Quaternary Ireland -Sam Robertson Economic Ireland –Aoife Brady Dating Ireland -Quentin Crowley Some Renowned Irish Geologists- Patrick Wyse Jackson Geo-archaeology and Geo-Conservation The talks will be given in the Whitla Hall in Methodist College and there is free parking outside the venue.  A lunch will be provided. Booking details later