About us Summer prog. Winter prog. Contact us Useful links Home Archive 2000 Million Years of Irish GEOLOGY THE EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO 2020 PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME Introduction from Marie Cowan Director of GSNI Oldest Ireland - Steve Daly A Plate Tectonic - History of Ireland - David Chew Structural Ireland - Prof Walsh Irish Granite Magmatism - Ian Meighan and Donny Hutton Carboniferous Ireland - John Murray Mesozoic Ireland - Mike Simms Basaltic Ireland - Paul Lyle Quaternary Ireland - Sam Robertson Economic Ireland - Aoife Brady Dating Ireland - Quentin Crowley Some Renowned Irish Geologists - Patrick Wyse Jackson Geo-archaeology and Geo-Conservation The talks will be given in the Whitla Hall in Methodist College and there is free parking outside the venue.  A lunch will be provided. Booking details later